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All about ski touring and ski mountaineering in Sierra Nevada

Going on a ski tour in the Sierra Nevada will be a unique experience for those who love to enjoy a day in the snow amongst friends and without any crowds.

Imagine to be hiking up a snow field above 3000m from sea level while enjoying beautiful weather (about 280 days of sun per year!). On your way you will have some of the most amazing views over the peaks, valleys and the Mediterranean Sea with the African coast line in the background.

On a clear day you can see the Morrocan Reef Mountains from a post card point of view!

The reward for a good few hours of hike on your touring skis will be the ride back down over untouched powder fields - the ultimate off-piste skiing experience.

The descents are not too difficult, but generally you should be a decently skilled skier who is also a strong mountain walker.

Pradollano, , Spain
"Ski touring in Sierra Nevada means sun, snow and powder runs"