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Our advantages in an overview



No monthly fees or hidden costs.

Success works exclusively on a success base. 

Proprietors access

Managing of accommodation and reservations through our efficient proprietors area.


Any request can be accepted or refused, there is no obligation to accept any request.


Attractive, structured and clear presentation of your accommodation.  

20 pictures

Your accommodation can be presented with 20 pictures.  


New! You can upload a virtual video tour of your accommodation.   

Google Maps

The exact position of your accommodation is marked on a Google map.

Occupancy calendar

Each accommodation has its automatic calendar of availabilities.

6 languages

Depending on the destination, presentation in up to 6 languages.

Translations offers a free translation service.


The editing department of will check and optimise your description.

Photo editing will revise pictures of insufficient quality, if possible.

500 parameters

An accommodation can be specified using 500 predefined parameters.  

Season prices

You can define each season with an individual price.  

Number of persons

You can make price distinctions dependent on the number of persons booked. 

Extra persons

A price per extra person can be defined season-specifically.

Extra costs

Several obligatory and optional extra costs can be defined. 

Euro, GBP, USD

The client finds the prices displayed in Euro, GBP or USD.

Last minute discount

You can define last minute discounts being calculated automatically. 

Early book discount

You can define early booking discounts being calculated automatically. 

Long term rent

You can define long term rent discounts being calculated automatically.

Total price calculation

Automatic calculation of all price components to a total price

Exclusive rental offers special privileges to accommodations being rented exclusively with us.

Promotions individually promotes special accommodations .

All accommodations

Clients can find all accommodations listed by the same owner.

Voting system

New! Clients can vote their accommodation on our clients-votes-section.

Surrounding search

Clients can find any accommodations listed within a certain distance of another.

Search technology offers an innovative search technology for finding the right accommodation. 

Bed rooms

Clients can search for a desired amount bed rooms. 

Bath rooms

Clients can search for a desired amount bath rooms. 

Catering options

Clients can search for desired catering options. 


Clients can search for a desired distance to e.g. the beach or the center. 


Clients can search for a prefered position (center of town, beach front, outskirts, etc.).

Price search

Clients can seach for accommodations with a defined maximum price. 

Holiday themes

Clients can search by selected holiday themes.


Efficient communication in 6 languages with clients and proprietors.

Instant contact

Clients can contact by phone for any questions.

Wish list

Clients can put the accommodations he is interested in onto a wish list. 


A compare page offers the systematic comparison of up to 4 objects.

Google worldwide is top positioned in all search engines and all languages, reaching customers worldwide.



Our services is a reknown travel & booking web portal which offers its customers many services. Our most important services in an overview:


From request to binding booking handles the entire booking process in order to turn an incoming request into a binding reservation. This includes the communication with the clients and landlords in 6 languages, consultations for clients and landlords, the claiming and handling of advanced payments, the contractual link with the client, the issuing of a voucher and our many other activities, convincing our clients to finalize their reservations.


Provision of an efficient technological platform

The core of our performance is a complex but highly efficient reservation software which perfectly meets the requirements for the business of private holiday rentals. It consists of a modern reservation system and an administration area for landlords.


The reservation system

The reservation system enables our customers to find holiday accommodations matching their personally selected choices. A big advantage is the immediate online calculation of rental prices as well as the checking of availability for requested periods respecting any blocked or reserved period. The inclusion of new technologies allows you to present your holiday accommodation with pictures, videos and descriptions in up to 6 languages.


The administration area

The landlord log-in enables you to easily manage your accommodation offers and to keep yourself updated about your reservations and requests. Our fantastic new pricing module lets you add extra prices for obligatory or optional extra costs, or define different discount types for any season you like. All price components will be summed up to one final price, this makes it easier for our clients to make a buying decision.



Experienced editorial department

The members of our editorial department count many years of experience in properly describing a holiday accommodation. Before any new offer goes online, we will check the entered data and provide a professional description.



Translation by native speakers

The translation of a description is not being provided by a translation software, but by native speakers making perfect translations.


Online Travel Guide & Event Calendar

Our portal provides countless interesting informations about the place and region, as well as insider tipps on how to get here or what to do. In our experience, the clients like our hand-picked information about events, restaurants or shopping.



Online Marketing worldwide

Our efficient online marketing team has placed worldwide on the top of all relevant search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Only a top positioning in combination with our team speaking 6 languages, makes it possible for to reach customers from all over the world and complete their reservations.


About us


The website is being run by

I.R.E. Ltd -
801 Pacific House
20 Queen's Road Central, HK

I.R.E. Ltdis specialized in the rental of private holiday accommodations in Germany, Italy and Spain.

We started our first online web portal in 1999. In the following years we added on more and more portals in Germany, Spain and Italy.


Today we successfully run these 7 portals:


Years of experience in the local markets of holiday rentals make us a competent partner for you. We gladly advise you personally in order to help your accommodation getting rented as much as possible.


The Online Marketing Team


Nowadays, there exists a huge amount of holiday rental websites. But only very few of them are actually easy to be found in all languages on the relevant search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) in the world. In fact, only if a website can be found by its customers on the search engines, then your holiday accommdation will successfully be promoted and rented to an international clientel. .

The I.R.E. Ltd - has its own online marketing department with a young and competent team which is able to provide our websites with excellent positions in all languages on all search engines. .

Our international marketing efforts guarantee a maximum range of reached customers within our target group.


The editorial team


An attractive and realistic description is key great rental success. Our local editorial team will provide you a full workover of your offered informations. Your description and informations will be checked, corrected if necessary and adjusted in order to match the standards of our international clientel.


The translation team


The efforts of our search engine marketing provide that our web portals get customers from all over the world. Therefore, it is essential to have all descriptions perfectly translated in all those languages we have defines as target markets.

After our translation team has checked your description and improved it, they will translate it into the featured languages. The members of our translation team are all native speakers and deliver appealing, convincing descriptions and tranbslations.


The IT- & Developer Team


The protals being run by I.R.E. Ltd – are based on a custom made reservation software which perfectly meets the requirements of the modern holiday rentals market.

After a long period of development and design work, we are proud to present you our complex reservation software which enables you to market your holiday accommodation on a maximum level.

We are one of the very few holiday rental websites offering the possibility to define last minute -, long stay – or early booking discounts for any desired season of the year.

As the requirements and conditions of the internet are permanently changing, we never stop developing new features and keep our software on the highest level.


The reservation process on


In the following we describe the 10 steps of a reservation, from the request to the rest payment of the rent.


1. Our clients can request any accommodation in the offer range of as long as they are availble for the requested period. The system recognises automatically which offers are already booked and lists only available accommodations.


2. After entering the requested dates in our search box, the client already sees an exactly calculated price including all extra costs. Prices should always be updated. To raise a price after receiving the request usually leads to cancelation by the client. The offered price includes our success based commission.


3. After our client has made his request for your offer, we send you an SMS and an email including price calculation asking for availability. The calculated price is the netto priceyou will receive.


4. You can accept our reservation request or reject it. In both cases we ask for your notification within a maximum of 12 hours.

In case you accept our request, we will send our client the corresponding confirmation of availability.


5. We ask our client for the obligatory prepayment to be paid within 3-5 days (depending on the season). The amount of prepayment includes your advanced payment and our commission.


6. If the prepayment is not being effected, our client will receive a reminder to pay the prepayment immediately. If the amount remains unpaid, then we cancel the request and inform you about the recent cancelation by email. Our system will show your accommodation as available for those dates again.


7. If we do receive the advanced prepayment of the client, then theearlier resevation request turns into a binding reservation for both sides. The client will receive from us his voucher with your contact data.


8. We transfer youimmediately your amount of prepayment onto your bank account. Please keep your account information updated in case of changes.


9. After receiving the client's prepayment, we will send you a final confirmation of reservation with an exact calculation of the rent, the amount of rest payment on arrival and the contact data of the client. You can check the status of a reservation on your proprietors access at any time.


10. The rest payment has to be made by the client at arriva in order to receive the keys from you.



The rental contract will be made between you and the lenant. only acts in function of a sales representative and cannot be held responsible for the fulfillment of the contract.





The I.R.E. Ltd – – acts as an online travel agency and works exclusively on a commission based on success.

Only in the case of a binding and finalized reservation we charge a sales commision of 20%.


Commission included in the sales price

Our success based sales commision willl be added on top of the price you wish to receive. This means that the prices published on our website (sales prices) already inlcudeour commission.


Important: Our commission is only being added onto the rental price. We do not charge commission for obligatory or optional extra costs (e.g. final cleaning, parking, air condition, etc.).


The commission is part of the advanced payment

In order to make a binding reservation, a client has to make an advanced payment. This advanced payment includes our commissionas well as the prepayment for the landlord. Therefore, you will never have to transfer any commission to us, as it is included in the sales price and needs to paid by the client.


No monthly or hidden costs

Apart from our success based commission, there are no monthly fees or any other type of hidden costs.


All services inlcuded

All our services are inlcuded and covered by the commission. This means you pay no extra price for:


the registration of your accommodation on,
the publishing of your accommodation on,
the translation of your description into other languages,
our editorial work-over of your description,
the improvement of pictures if necessary,
the possibility of adding a video to your offer,
the entire communication with you and the client,
the multi-lingual communication with the client,
the use of our reservation software,
the use of our message center,
the use of your personal proprietors access,
our extensive online marketing activities,

as well as many other services.





When does my offer go online?


Before we can put an offer online, will check if the entered informations are complete.


The following requirements have to be met


All prices have to be defined with a corresponding season

Photos of sufficient quality have to be uploaded

The description and characteristics of the accommodation have to be complete and realistic


Once the offer meets these requirements, will translate the description in all languages offered on the website.






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Important notice

1. If you are already registered, but have forgotten your password, please request a new password here. Please don't register a second time.
2. One lodging shall never be registered twice. 
3. reserves the right to disable any lodging without any notice if conflicting with our publishing rules.
4. reserves the right to disable any landlord without any notice if conflicting with our publishing rules or if he does not fulfill his contractual obligations with our clients or with
5. fully guarantees the protection of your privacy.

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